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Love, Learn, Let go

We could all take a lesson from Lakshmi - The Indian Goddess of Love this Valentines Day and take the concept of love to a deeper level.  

Often it takes a day like Valentines Day for us to show our LOVE for one another and sometimes this is shown by way of purchasing gifts for your loved one.  Why not try something new this Valentines Day and deliver an act of kindness to someone who's been on your mind.

There are always people in our lives who we seem to lose touch with, or have disagreements and that is life at the end of the day, but there is huge value in building bridges, taking time to send out that olive branch and connect on a deeper level.  

Sometimes your sentiment may fall on deaf ears but this does not mean defeat, quite the contrary, life is for learning and loving and this journey of showing your heart on your sleeve shows vulnerability and honesty. Ultimately it shows you care and love yourself and the people around you enough to put your fears to one side.

Love BIG this Valentines day by spending half an hour appreciating who YOU are, doing something soul lifting that fills you up, whether that's swimming in the ocean, walking in nature, or taking the time to smell the wild flowers. There is no greater or more rewarding gift than the gift of Love by giving of your time.

If you are planning something special for your loved ones why not have a really conscious think about what fills their soul and yours and connect on a deeper level, enjoy a moment, share an experience. Life is for learning, loving and letting go.

Happy Loving for tomorrow and always, US xx

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