Date June 14, 2015
Matariki meets Winter Solstice 18-21st June 2015

Celebrating the seasons signals the birth of the Maori New Year "Matariki" 18th June 2015 which meets Winter Solstice on the 21st June 2015 which symbolizes the rebirth of the light and the divine spark within us all. It is time to celebrate new beginnings, a chance for all New Zealander's  to remind ourselves of the very special place that we occupy together. Winter is a season for rest and reflection and may this beauty and stillness bring you great blessings and may your inner fire remain alive through self-care, quiet creativity and an opportunity to be surrounded by nature, whanau and friends - all essential for human vitality!! This is a great time to reflect on your place in the world, reawaken old skills and try and set new goals and stir passion.

Perhaps celebrate Matariki and Winter Solstice in the weekend by having a long hot bath, lighting lots of candles and cooking your most favourite and delicious meal with LOVE so that it warms your soul and gladdens your spirit and a glass or two of mulled cider or NZ Pinot Noir - just for good measure :) It should be for nurturing, indulgence and fun!! Remember Matariki marks the beginning of shortening nights and slowly but surly lengthening days - take a few moments to breath deep the cold crisp night air and take in the beautiful stars because all is well friends in the darkness of Winter  xoxo 

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