Date April 28, 2015
The cat is out of the bag

Hello gorgeous peeps... Firstly, thank you for your continued support, while it may have looked as though we have been flying under the radar we have been working so hard on our 2015 projects.

We are so excited and thrilled to announce that we have our BOOK DEAL so we will be providing you with our unconventional healing nutrient dense wholefood recipes you have all been so eagerly waiting for :)  

Another very exciting development that we have been wanting to share with you for months and can finally let the cat out of the bag or in this case the bones out of the bag, is that things have been bubbling and brewing away at the green kitchen and smelling amazing!

We are delighted to tell you all that we are launching a beautiful healing product.... BONE BROTH,Organic Chicken and Organic Beef!!

Broth has been a big part of many cultures for hundreds of years, known for its healing benefits, nutritional value and nose to tail approach to eating.

  • Collagen rich
  • Immune boosting
  • Digestive aid
  • Heals and seals the gut
  • Reduces allergies

We are using ingredients raised and grown with care and pride, harvested from soils that are "alive"

We are also delighted to let you all know that our broth has been selected in the SUSTAINABLE GOOD FOOD BOOST mentoring programme throughout the month of May. Mentors include top Auckland chef Michael van de Elzen, owner of Boy and Bird; advertising and branding expert Martin Yeoman, Managing Director of Assignment Group; and Chris Morrison, co-founder of Phoenix Organics and All Good Organics.

We cannot wait for you all to try our product and incorporate beautiful broth into your households as a hot cup of 'tea' or into many versatile nutrient dense dishes, soups, sauces and curry's etc

Watch this space, we are coming N.Z

N & B xoxo

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