Neena and Belinda


our My Kitchen Rules journey

We feel so blessed to have had the experience of being on My Kitchen Rules NZ.  We had the honour of meeting so many beautiful like minded foodies and to be judged by a panel of internationally renowned chefs who are a truly inspiring bunch of people was a dream come true and something we will hold close to our hearts forever.

We did it !!! We took out the title of New Zealand's first My Kitchen Rules champions! Throughout the competition we stayed true to our food philosophy and offered New Zealanders a different approach to cooking.  We used wild weeds and native New Zealand bush produce in most of our recipes, always with the mind-set to pass on this wonderful learning experience and hopefully open the eyes of the people of our country to a different approach to food.  We maintained refined sugar free and 90 percent gluten free to help others understand that there is a different way to incorporate "treats" into your lifestyle without all the nasty’s. To be honest the whole experience has been mind blowing, humbling and such a learning curve.

We weren't sure if viewers would be ready to accept our unique approach in a competition like MKR nor did we ever think we were reinventing the wheel, in fact quite the opposite, we wanted to turn back the clock and showcase a little bit of how it used to be before supermarkets and before medication was a first port of call.  To educate people of the healing elements in food and wild greens was always at the top of our priorities list and to have 6 of New Zealand’s top chefs embrace our ideas and recipes has been the most humbling experience.  Ben Bayly told us that he felt NOURISHED when he ate our food, which to us was the biggest compliment he could have given.  From day 1 in our Instant Restaurant we had an easel with "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" and Ben cemented to us that indeed we had delivered on exactly that. 


Neena & Belinda

Belinda is a qualified food technology teacher and has been a dedicated foodie all her life.  She is passionate about creating beautiful medicinal meals which incorporate healing elements that are seasonal and nourishing for the whole family.  It was her love for foraging that opened Neena’s eyes to a world of edible goodness right on our doorsteps.  Not everyone can afford to buy superfoods from wholefood stores but with this approach of foraging everyone can incorporate healing greens and superfoods into their daily diet for little or no cost at all. 

Neena has been through a huge learning curve since the birth of her twin girls.  From allergies, to gluten intolerance, behavioural issues to sugar free and everything in between. Neena now knows it’s been the biggest blessing to go on that journey and pop out the other side to where she stands today.  Neena is a qualified nutrition & wellness coach and studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition which focuses on a holistic approach to wellness.

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The Green Kitchen

Here at The Green Kitchen “wellness through awareness” is what we are all about. It is our desire to educate and encourage people of this day and age to take a moment to reflect and look back over the centuries before us in regard to what we eat.  We cannot stress enough the importance of bridging the ancestral gap between the whole foods of yesteryear and the packaged society we live in today. As Parents we are at the centre of our families’ wellness, and it is up to us to teach our children the importance of living a more conscious sustainable lifestyle.  Our passion is to encourage and educate about healthy nourishing food and practises which are deeply wholesome, simple to prepare, seasonal and delicious! 

To know that there is a collective out there who are not only engaging in a growing new food revolution, but who are also ready to take the power back and have a conscious approach to what enters their body is so heart-warming.  It is common and understandable to feel completely overwhelmed and alone at first when dealing with the health of ourselves and our little ones, we just want you to know from the bottom of our heart, there are options and people out there who are ever so willing to help. Reach out and take your families wellness to new levels.  Here at The Green Kitchen we are dedicated to leading the way in this new food revolution and helping others to understand the importance of ancestral eating. 

Just eat real food it’s as simple as that. All the best on your journey to empowerment and wellness.

Green Kitchen Blessings, Neena & Belinda xx